A little bit about me....Just a new part to the journey.

Welcome to the other side of Emma you may not know so well. Tri_noun

In my previous professional life as a Triathlete I am proud to say I have represented my country, travelled the world, met amazing people and have achieved more than I ever imagined.

Though like any amazing journey, our life has many path’s to take.  Sometimes it brings us to the base of a mountain, we come to dead ends, take the gravel path or do we decide to climb to the summit.  The last 10+ years have taken me on many a road, some at times less travelled, living my dream of being a professional athlete.  Like anyone’s path, mine has had some high’s and low’s and I’ve been presented with many challenges which like any journey make it unique.

For me, I feel the time has come where I have made peace with where I’ve been and now where I am going.  There has at times been a more public, professional persona with my life in triathlon, though now I feel more of an urge to share somewhat more of me.  Things I have learnt throughout my career, my own health exploration – not only reaching the very peak of physical health & fitness, but also to the bottom of the barrel where I have felt the furthest from optimum health and wellness.

I have always had an overwhelming feeling that in some point in my life I am going to help others, maybe this is the beginning.  What I do know is that I have goals, dreams and aspirations for other things in life which I am about to explore.  I’m opening my new door as the other closes, with no regret’s and looking forward to what’s on the other side.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of the journey.