Emma is Available for Corporate Functions

_MG_2052Combing Emma’s public profile, warm personality and engaging communication skills make her an ideal candidate for the role of your next Key Note or Conference speaker.  Sharing her story about the perseverance of getting to the top of her chosen sport, the hurdles and lessons learnt along the way, but ultimately the belief in herself to do things her own way, proving that success doesn’t happen the same way for everyone.  Trusting her gut instinct, channelling her mental focus for when it counts and using the small steps towards big goals to ultimately achieve being on top of the Triathlon world.

No stranger to adversity and set backs, both personally and professionally she reminds us of the power or our mind, to take something from every situation or conversation and use it for our own disposal.  Using reminders and her own lessons to listen to our bodies, to not get ‘so busy being busy’ or letting stress run and ruin our health are important messages we tend to forget.  Ultimately reminding us you have nothing without your health and why prevention is better than cure.

Topics for your Speaking Events

– Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

– Keynote

– Leadership

– Motivational

– Sports Presenting

TV Commentary

Even thought retired from competing, I am still extremely passionate about sport, high performance and particularly Triathlon. I’ve been fortunate to be given the opportunity to gain some experience on the other side of the lens doing some live commentary, post production TV coverage of Multi sport events, pre and post race athlete interviews and as an ‘expert commentator’ at the London Olympics for Channel 10. This was an experience that commentated the “yes I love it” for me or I knew from this opportunity that it’s something I want to continue to pursue. Currently, I will be in Glasgow for the Host Broadcaster – Channel 10 as the expert caller on the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Relay Triathlon events.

My dream is to be commentating on other sports as well as Triathlon and to have full media accreditation for the Rio 2016 Olympics and beyond.

I recently completed an Advanced Media Workshop course with Media Potential and got the opportunity to have 2 wonderful teachers in Sofie Formica and Jillian Whiting. Stepping out of my comfort zone to cover non-sport related topics and further provide me with experience to broaden my skills.