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There is no denying that ‘I am made of Sport’ or the involvement Asics has had in my career. The humble running shoe was not something that I was as familiar with in my swimming days, compared to a pair of togs and googles (which haven’t changed since the day I started. My Eyeline ‘Black Max’ have been there the whole way). My initial pairs of shoes look pretty different to those today, not to mention the weight of them. I had needed quite a bit of stability in my shoes early on (my Ballet teacher picked up my very pronated arches at a young age and I have worn orthodics every since) to also finding something suitable for running around the Basketball court in.

I needed a shoe with a lot of support as I suffered pretty sore knees from all the change of direction on the court and then some seriously uncomfortable shin splints when I was finally co-erced to do school Cross Country at age 16.  I didn’t enjoy running one bit because of this!

As you can imagine, I never felt like the kid with the ‘cool kicks’ nor did I feel light and zappy in them.  My heavy thugs that I had to settle with were what was best for keeping me pain free, not looking good.  As I discovered Triathlon and my requirement for more running increased I really started to research for what I thought was going to work best for me. I realised injury prevention was my number one key in a comfortable, supportive trainer.  Back then, the choices suitable for me were Asics, Saucony and New Balance.  Most often than not, I was relegated to whatever of these were on sale.  So as Triathlon came more of my focus and eventually I got some results, you can imagine how ridiculously excited I was to eventually be sponsored by Asics!

With all my concerns raised when discussing shoes and the fact I have a very narrow foot, the 2100 series became my staple for every work out. I had never experienced much trial running before starting to travel overseas for races, but I clearly needed some work in the ankle stability department and these shoes helped keep me upright. As time has passed on, I had rarely deterred from going back to the 2100’s as anything else just didn’t feel as natural as these had become to me.

Since recognizing that my foot and ankles have been an area I could have worked on (especially after rolling them quite severely 4 times & subsequently having key hole surgery to clean up the scar tissue and remove a bone fragment) I have gone about improving not only the joint movement, but the proprioception and strength of the muscles and ligaments. Around the same time, I was lucky enough to be given one of the first pairs of the 33’s to try out.  I went about using them only to walk around in, but more importantly also in the gym and in my foot exercises.  I found them extremely comfortable, obviously light, but strangely nothing like any other lightweight trainers I had tried testing before.  So my curiosity rose as to whether this ‘2100 tunnel vision girl’ could possibly go for a run in them and not pull up lame.

So my quest started very slowly, running only 5-10mins at a time (or on the Alter G treadmill) and then swapping back into my other trainers.  I have certainly shocked myself to now say that I can comfortably run 60mins in these wonders and I really think and look forward to building this up to even more.  I haven’t gone as far as running without my orthotics, but who knows what still may come.  Considering I thought my foot dynamics (or lack thereof) would only let me take these for non-running workouts, I am so excited to see where this range keeps on evolving to.

Here is some of the finer, technical details about these shoes from Asics:
The new ‘FluidAxis’, add’s uniquely positioned deep flex grooves in the outsole to allow for a more natural motion of the subtalar joint.

Aligned to the joints of your foot, the asymmetrical Dual Density Midsole works in harmony with the Guidance Line along the outsole to optimise flexibility for an adaptive and responsive ride. The GEL-LYTE33 2 also contains Rearfoot GEL for great cushioning.

Visit to grab yourself a pair.

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