GF Choc, Date, Pecan Torte

16th July, 2012No Comments

This was really just an experiment as I tried to emulate a cake I ordered at one of my favourite cafes on the Gold Coast, Vintage Espresso.  I sat there dissecting the cake & wondered how and what was in it.  This is what I came up with in the end.

I blitzed pecans, dates and 99% cocoa chocolate in the Thermomix (or a food processor).  About 200grams of each, but did the dates first so that when I put the chocolate & pecans in they stayed a bit chunky for texture.

I separated 6 eggs and whisked the whites until they were meringue like & mixed through the yolks and some baking powder into the other mixture.  Then I folded the mixture into whites & put into a cake tin.  Baked for about 40mins in a 180degree oven, though I just kept checking when the  skewer came out clean. Whola!!  Not even unhealthy.  Couldn’t really believe it turned out so well with no flour or added sugar!

Served with some berry coulis it was also pretty delicious for a dessert or just a got energy snack with an espresso!!  Preferably with Frodissimo beans.

Simply Put:

– 200grams, Dates, Pecans & any chocolate you desire (but dark goes well) Blitz in processor.

– Add 6 eggs yolks & baking powder to mixture.

– Whisk 6 whites and then fold wet mixture into it.

– Bake for 40mins at 180 degrees.

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