Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

12th December, 2010No Comments

Ok.  So I am one of these people that read recipes, close the book and make it up anyway.

Sometimes it works out and well other times, let just say I am a lot more generous in sharing my efforts.

So I have been on the perfect Banana Bread hunt for quite sometime now. Always inspecting, de-secting and trying to work out, how to get it light and spongy, that lovely dark colour, chunky banana bits or a smooth consistency, pecans or sultanas and just the right amount of sweetness. Ahhh so much to think about in this humble little cake.  Sad thing is that it really only gets made when my bananas are past my preferred eating or the supermarket is selling them in the buck loads that I get back on my crazed faze of trying to perfect the recipe again.  Though now it’s been made a little more tricky as my works really well off gluten free and let’s be honest, trying to make a cake with out normal flour doesn’t normally allocate for the greatest consistency. By chance I think I may have found my key step though, or the fact it just takes a lot more baking powder than normal.  Best thing is that know one even knows that its gluten free now once I’ve made it, or dairy free for that matter (but that was just coincidence, not being to much of a hippy)

4 ripe bananas sliced (if you have some that are soft enough to fall through your fingers then just let them be)

big squeeze of golden syrup (brown sugar, honey, whatever you have)

cinnamon to taste *put it all into a mixing bowl and let it sit for as long as you can (few hours is good as the longer I seemed to leave it the more natural sugars and liquid came out of the bananas

next 2 eggs lightly whisked

big slash of olive oil

broken pecan pieces * mix it all together add more sweet or spice if you like

add a good cup of gluten free self-raising flour and baking powder (mine was a 15g sachet) at same time. mix in thoroughly or if still to runny add more flour or if too dry add some more oil.

put in cake loaf or muffin tins and into the over at 170degrees just keep checking with a skewer or folk until almost comes out clean….mmmmm

serve with natural yogurt, squeeze of lemon juice, honey and cinnamon

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