Korres – Sunscreen Face and Body Emulsion

20th May, 2013No Comments

korres_ssI came across this product in Germany of all places! Probably one of the last places I can remember needing sunscreen, (forgive me, I’m used to Australian summers;) though this is just one part of their extensive range coming out of Greece.

I love the fact they use yoghurt in this sunscreen! It really does feel that creamy when you put it on, but your skin doesn’t get that dry feeling after it has settled into your skin. With the addition of Aloe Vera this feels just as much a moisturiser as it does a sunscreen!! So far I’m all for my new find especially since it is made with mostly natural products and all the packing  components are recyclable.

After a little research it looks like I have stumbled on quite the product. Lena Korres is the Brand Development Director and this is what I took off their website about the range:

“Her greatest ‘beauty’ challenge to date was the development of the Korres yoghurt skincare line which contains yoghurt in its edible form. The development of a stable cosmetic formula preserving all of‘live’ yoghurt’s benefits was a scientific and innovative achievement as well as a global first for the cosmetics industry. Lena was recently shortlisted by the CEW’s (Cosmetic Executive Women) United Kingdom Board for the Achiever Awards 2007. Wallpaper*, the internationally acclaimed design lifestyle magazine for urban modernists and global navigators alike, in its 10th anniversary issue featured Lena & George Korres as two of the world’s top 40 influencers under the age of 40.”

Looks like I’ll be heading back to buy more of the range!

Check out some of my other favourites I bought – especially my Cinnamon addiction – I even get to use it in the shower now too.

Here you can find their beautiful website – http://www.korres.com

Any other sunscreen products you’d like to recommend? Post in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

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