Now is the time…

10th July, 201426 Comments

It’s like that Holiday that you never want to end.  It was wonderful, you had a great time, but you know at some point it has to finish.

Maybe it comes as no surprise:

For the people who are closest to me, who have been there for my highs and lows it’s surely not. Maybe they also feel my relief.  Though to the amazing support network of people who have been a part of my journey, the people I have been fortunate enough to meet and all the ones that have followed my Triathlon career from the far corners of the globe, there has probably been that lingering question.

So it’s with a hint of sadness, but mostly excitement and all the other emotions that come along with ending an incredibly amazing time in my life.  I have got off that plane from my professional triathlon career.  Next destination/s are abundant, the choices are truly mine to explore.

Coming to a decision is often the hardest and my process hasn’t been the easiest one either, but now is the right time.  Truthfully – my health has really struggled over the last 4 years and ultimately my body helped make the decision for me that it didn’t have what it needed to compete at the highest level on the world stage anymore.  I have been a competitor all my life and have loved nothing more than the pressure of a big race and representing my country.  Triathlon has been a huge part of my life and I will in some way always be connected to it, however now it feels right to explore life outside of only competing.

A part of me knows I’ve always had a feeling that at some point in my life I was meant to help people and that’s where I want to begin.

Using my experience, as an athlete to achieving the highest highs to feeling far from human, with the only goal in mind is to be healthy.  This is something I want to help people attain in order to get the best out of themselves.  Whether it’s other athletes, high achievers looking for that life/work blend or people interested at being the best version of them self.  I have begun studying online at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (a course that I feel like has been designed for me;) I am commentating at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as the expert commentator for Triathlon and honored to be an Athlete Role Model at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in August.  I love sharing the mental aspect of performance with other professional athletes striving to be at the top of their sport & want to open that door to anyone who want’s to reach out.  I still love following so many of my friends and want to continue to help spread the of this rapidly growing sport

This part of my journey in life has been pretty amazing so far and I’m looking forward to the next part.  As they say: ‘as one door close’s another opens’.  I’m excited to work on the next room, it’s time I took my foot out of the way.

I have to thank the amazing Delly Carr for providing me a ‘this is your life’ collage of photo’s.  He is one of so many wonderful people I have been grateful to meet through this sport.

The list is too long of people to thank who have been a huge part of my journey, who have believed in me, given me courage and support to take the path less travelled, who have kept my body together, who have been there when it hasn’t held up the way I wanted.

To the people who have been there to celebrate my success and also held me up when I’ve needed perspective and strength.  Athletes who have provided knowledge and advice, opened their arms to show me what it took to reach the top and taught me invaluable lessons I will never forget.

To Loretta for teaching me the true strength of a human being, the Harrop family for their unwavering love and support.  My family and friends who never let me get too big for my boots and no matter what could always make me laugh.

My Mum and Dad, who a book alone could be written.  Though without them, I would truly not be where I am today.  Who have supported and taught me so much more than how to swim/bike/run, but have been my biggest supporters no matter where in the world they were.  For providing me with an environment to explore what I wanted to do in life and passing on the travel bug to experience as much of the world we live in.

My little sister, who shared our competitive drive for swimming as children and penchant for adventure and mischief, we have shared some of the most amazing memories growing up as sisters.

Lastly, to my Husband, who has pushed me out of my comfort zone since we met and continues to do so with the most unwavering support to find and get more out of myself as a person.  I’m truly grateful for having you in my life and blessed to share each other’s journey’s together.

*Lone Swimmer Photo Credit:  Aquabumps

26 comments on “Now is the time…

  1. Wonderful site Beautiful- love your work!!

  2. Congrats Emma for your full bag of career highlights and best of luck with what’s to come.

  3. Well done Cookie!! Such beautiful words and memories. Its been wonderful to see you blossom, to achieve such great successes both professionally and personally. I look forward to your future, its so bright!! Now hurry on home to Noosa so we can catch up! lots and lots of love, Skye x

  4. Bravo Emma…I will always have great respect for a person like you. Be happy and stay healthy, life is good!
    Canadian Olympian in triathlon

  5. Caz Jackson on

    You have been and will continue to be a huge inspiration to so many triathletes. People look up to your amazing grit, determination and love of the sport. You are a beautiful person and can’t wait to see what is next for you! Thank you for giving me such motivation through my training!

  6. Darren Smith on

    Hats off to you Emma…was wonderful to watch your journey. High Five mate.

  7. Emma, it’s been a pleasure watching you compete these past years. Looking forward to Nanjing where you will no doubt impart even more knowledge and wisdom on the athletes, officials and volunteers. Thank you

  8. Alex Garcia on

    Wow.. Congrats on an awesome journey. Watching you “low flying” at 2010 Budapest is the best and electrifying show ever seen by wife and me. Thanks for that and all. Best on days to come. From Monterrey, MX. Alex Garcia

  9. VERNAY Nicolas on

    THANK you so much SNOWNY….You make me love this sport and dream so far…(Your run leg are written in my mind)all his hours spend looking your videos….BE HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You are a true champion. We have watched you throughout your career and had the pleasure to meet you at the world champs in Beijing in 2011. Congrats on your achievements and all the best for the future.

  11. Emma, all I can say is thank you for the memories,some of yur performances have had me on the edge of my seat over the past 8yrs or so, since I started following Triathlon thru Jodie Stimpson. You may be an aussie but you are a ‘beaut a true thoroughbred’in the world of triathlon. Athltes know when its time to call it a day,as they set such high standards for themselves if they cant reach those heights they know wot they have to do. Good luck lady in woteva you decide to take up in yur life,again thanx for the memories

  12. Em you have been and still are such an inspiration. Continue rocking the world in all possible ways 🙂

  13. VERNAY Nicolas on


  14. Emma, in all the years I was involved in the sport, 1983 to now , you are the best athlete I have seen, not only results but the whole package. i hope you enjoy your new adventure as much as I have enjoyed you racing. You cannot better perfect so enjoy your new journey

  15. Thomas Warren on

    Emma it has been a pleasure to watch your entire career. When I first got into this sport one of the first races I saw was your utter demolition of the field in Budapest. That was the single best big day performance I have ever seen, you were amazing! I hope that your future life with Jan is everything you dream of and more and that we see you still involved with our great sport.

  16. Emma – thank you so much for sharing. What an incredible career and you raised the bar for others to follow. All the best as you go forward to new challenges and experiences.

  17. simply the best, just that. steve t

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  19. Maureen Cummings on

    Emma, a truly inspirational new beginning awaits you. Sharing your journey has been special. Congratulations and looking forward to the next chapter.

  20. paul van der Kaag on

    Hi Cookie, congratulations on an amazing career and we are all looking forward to catching up in September. The new website looks great. Paul

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  22. Michael Wright on

    I enjoyed seeing you race just as much as I enjoyed announcing you in races. You are not only a world class athlete, but have a world class personality! Awesomeness explains you totally!

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  25. Lisa Balerna on

    I am a huge fan! You are a legend and was always able to perform on the big days – a very difficult thing to do. You have inspired many athletes of all levels. I often pretended you were running in front of me in training or racing – it was a visual cue to try to maintain good technique. I have played your triathlon race videos many times over – and now – they will be cherished. I am sure you will attack your next chapter – school, TV commentary, coaching (?) with the same tenacity as you did with triathlon and be very successful. Thanks again for being an inspiration to everyone (especially the vertically challenged like me! 🙂 Hope you will come to Canada to support Jan for 70.3 Worlds. 🙂

  26. Raul Ramirez Salazar on

    Gracias Emma, le deseo lo mejor en su nuevo camino, es un ejemplo
    en mi habitación tengo la foto que ud. me firmo en Gold Coast


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