Barcelona – just a taste..

23rd September, 20132 Comments

Feel like a little wake up, refresh or just re-charge after the bustle of the city?!

The famous W Hotel right down on the beach of Barcelona is a great place for a swim and bite to eat whilst feeling like a bit of movie star without the price tag that come’s with the room.

You can rent a chair in the private area of the beach from the Hotel, get a towel, locker, plus shower for 10 euro!  Have a little sun bake, relax or you could make a small workout of it to get the oxygen flowing.  A little bit of soft sand running, jump in the ocean for a couple of laps of the roped off area and finish off with a little lung buster of ‘under water rock running’.  My sister and I dove down and grabbed a reasonably sized rock which kept us under water and we just kept challenging ourselves to how far we could go each time running on the sandy bottom.  It sure got our lungs working!!

It was enough to work up a good appetite so we headed up the sand to ‘Gallito’ for a fresh and very tasty bite to eat.


2 comments on “Barcelona – just a taste..

  1. Hi, Emma.I am Cathy, your volunteer in August for the Nanjing Youth Olympic GamesLong time since we were in Nanjing.How was your travelling in Barcelona? Wish you and your family all the best in the new year and every year after. Miss you.

    • Emma Snowsill on

      Hi Cathy,
      So wonderful to hear from you. I hope you had a wonderful New Year and when are you coming to Australia to visit me?

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