Commonwealth Games 2006

Competing in front of a home crowd was one of the most surreal experiences I was fortunate enough to have, let alone at something as big as a Commonwealth Games.

Melbourne has always been known in Australia for it’s love of sport and it did not disappoint on this March day. Some reported 500,000 people came out to watch the Triathlon and I remember during the run seeing people 10 deep and the noise was so deafening that I couldn’t even hear myself breathing.

After transition blunder where I tried to put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, I found myself running with 4 other athletes for the first 5km. My feet were still so cold, that I could barely feel them and was finding it hard to warm up to run the way I wanted to. The support of the crowd really got me there in the end and it was one of few occasions I had most of my family there to witness me race, let alone become Commonwealth Games Champion.

This was one of the coolest Medals and tracksuits I have ever got, plus the first time I made it onto an Australian Postal Stamp.