Olympic Games 2008

I still sometimes can’t believe that this is me.  It took a long time for it to sink in that I am and always will be an Olympic Champion.  The emotions after this race were so overwhelming, though I know I certainly held them back more than I was feeling.   This felt like the culmination of hard work had paid off at the right time.  I have often been asked, do I believe there is or have I ever had a perfect race?  It’s funny, because  I had some distinctive moments leading up to this race that will stay with me for life.  Though I have always answered, “I don’t believe there is such thing as a perfect race”, but I believe this was a close to perfect as I may get.  My overriding sense of relief crossing that line is still hard to explain, but I’ll leave that to a book someday.   Yet the feeling I remember the most and the last thought that ran through my head before this first picture was – “your at the Olympic Games, just go and enjoy it, you can’t ask for anything more.”  I remember looking out to the first buoy, I can feel the same adrenalin now as I write this, but it was filled with excitement and anticipation of what the next 2 hours would bring.  I was ready for 2 hours of concentration and only thinking about being prepared for the things I could control. The best I could do, was with what I had on the day.  This is the least nervous I have ever been for a race!
At the Olympics – go figure;)

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